Monday, March 26, 2012

Dayton Ohio

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Growing Up My dad and mom was in my life. My dad always gave me weekly allowances and my dad worked @ WDAO radio In Dayton Ohio:
He was The host and DJof their shows. During the 80's and 90'tys ( I'm counting this as industry royalty) He was staying up with some rich notable celebrity's as far as ZAPP And Rodger and others. From Dayton Ohio Who owned a studio On Salem ave in Dayton Ohio.

Rodger and zapped both died @ this studio in Dayton Ohio on April 25, 1999 and was taken to Miami Valley hospital in Dayton Ohio; where Harry Devon Johnson was born. Harry Devon Johnson's Family is originally from Tigris Tennessee; which was created by Harry Devon Johnson's family.

The family haves their own street name named after them in Tigris
( which is Johnson st) based on how long they have held this area down as in Christopher Columbus - finding Columbus we found - Tigris Tennessee AKA tigrett.

Some of the Johnson moved to Dayton Ohio in the 80'tys from Tigris . Too This date there is no encyclopedia reference telling how this city was founded - or telling the city's name or creators. In the ending Harry Devon Johnson will except creation writes by wikipedia encyclopedias of being the founder threw reference material and Ekistics on facts of history gynecology and go down in history by this - we'll be starting at My Moms mom - then my moms moms mom and then ' we'll keep checking each mom that created the other mom into we get to the 1900's. Also including all relatives all city and states that are family to us threw the whole 1900's.

My dad has made at least 20 kids( estimate or example of our family's population) some of them is scattered Threw California and Atlanta. Plus My cousin is Kevin Johnson the mayor of California - according to some Paducah, Kentucky Albino relatives and Paducah,Kentucky African Americans,_Kentucky

Also one of my cousins is:

Cherie Johnson

according to the Paducah Kentucky Relatives which is where I was when I met Kevin Johnson for the First time @ one of My Albino relatives house, and which is where the show family matters was recorded(( Chicago, Illinois,) which starred Cherie Johnson( Chicago, Illinois,) Southern Illinois is a part of The Paducah Micropolitan Statistical Area, as defined by the United States Census Bureau, is an area consisting of four counties – three in the Jackson Purchase region of Kentucky and one in southern Illinois – anchored by the city of Paducah, Kentucky.

Signed Regardless Devon Victory AkA Harry Devon Johnson